Barnes & Noble Press Announces Refreshed Author Benefits Including Improved Payment Terms

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Barnes & Noble Press Announces Refreshed Author Benefits Including Improved Payment Terms 

Bookseller’s Self-Publishing Platform Increases Royalties to 70% and Accelerates Payment to Just 30 Days

New York, NY – February 1, 2021 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. today announced a refresh to Barnes & Noble Press, the bookseller’s self-publishing platform, that will increase royalty rates, speed up payment times and improve publicity opportunities to meet the needs of the growing independent publishing community.

“Our self-publishing book list has shown over double-digit growth in the past year, so we want to show our appreciation by rewarding and encouraging this community of writers with the most competitive rates and payment terms in the industry,” said Susan McCulloch, Senior Director, Barnes & Noble Press and NOOK Operations. “We are committed to helping Barnes & Noble Press authors get the attention they deserve for their riveting and timely content.”

Effective today, Barnes & Noble Press authors will receive a flat 70% royalty rate for eBook sales, up from a range of 40% to 65%. The self-publishing platform will also accelerate payments to 30 days after purchase instead of the prior 60 days. In addition, Barnes & Noble Press will expand its array of merchandising options, including curated ads on, better email placement, and social media and blog exposure on Barnes & Noble Press and NOOK channels.

Barnes & Noble Press is a free, fast, and easy-to-use self-publishing service that enables writers to publish and sell print or eBooks directly to millions of readers. eBooks are available on NOOK devices and the NOOK Reading App for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows 8 tablets. Barnes & Noble Press print books are available to order as print-on-demand on or from any of Barnes & Noble’s 600 stores across every state in the U.S. The platform also guides enthusiasts in creating books for personal use, including quality hardcover and paperback books for family, friends, and business colleagues.

Bestselling authors who use Barnes & Noble Press include blockbuster romance author, Marie Force, and J. Robert Kennedy of the James Acton thrillers, as well as prolific independent publisher, Noah Lukeman. 

Authors can find more information, including the updated terms, at:


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